Friday art news roundup

Sierra Arts plans a one-day bridge closure in October + Creative Capital's opportunities for artists

/ July 13, 2024

Modern honesty

Wrestling with Maynard Dixon’s selective vision of the 'Old West'

/ July 9, 2024

Friday art news roundup

A gallery closure and a new admin in Las Vegas + an early deinstallation and a national showing for a local artist in Reno

/ July 5, 2024

Random access imagery

Evan Dent's collages mix, match and slice with 'a resonant strangeness'

/ July 3, 2024

Meet Steve Nighthawk, Artown poster artist

The self-taught artist has been inspired by Northern Nevada's lakes and mountains for decades

/ July 1, 2024

Far out of context

Michael Heizer’s enormous land-art sculpture in eastern Nevada is so unlike anything else, I never found my bearings

/ June 26, 2024

Art behind bars

A group exhibit at the decommissioned Nevada State Prison explores themes of incarceration

/ June 18, 2024

Friday art news roundup

A plethora of behind-the-scenes news from Reno

/ June 14, 2024

Meet Cesar Piedra

The Reno multimedia artist is featured at the Holland Project's Tri-Lab summer block party

/ June 13, 2024

We’re all in this together 

Burning Man Temple artist Caroline Ghosn is relying on some major teamwork to deliver a 70-foot-tall structure to the playa by August

/ June 12, 2024