Month: December 2022

Friday art news roundup—special edition

Congress recommends substantial arts funding increase

/ December 30, 2022

Friday art news roundup

STEAM Conference announced + Justin Favela's in a national show + opportunities to get involved in city arts planning

/ December 23, 2022

Unglamorously gorgeous

Phyllis Shafer’s ‘The Nature of Time’ at the Lilley conjures a spell of Sierra landscapes

/ December 22, 2022

Friday art news roundup

Ah' Wah Nee catalog + awards in Elko + grants in Reno + more art news from around the state

/ December 16, 2022

Ball point bliss

Chad Scott's neon clouds and fridge-sized colorfields are profoundly meditative

/ December 15, 2022

Art events this week

Receptions tonight + tomorrow in Reno + Las Vegas

/ December 15, 2022

Pop autobiography

It's easy to love the work of Miguel Rodriguez like you love a Taylor Swift song. It's familiar yet innovative, relatable as heck, and crafted to perfection.

/ December 13, 2022

Art events this weekend

A ceramics sale + a new video mural in Reno. A talk by an English photographer in Silver City. Janna Ireland in Las Vegas + more!

/ December 9, 2022

Podcast: No rush

Meet professional calligrapher Lauren Iida. In her low-tech line of work, slow and steady is the only way to go.

/ December 9, 2022

How AI thinks differently than you do

A professor walks us through his students' experiments with image-making, minus the human touch

/ December 8, 2022