Month: July 2023

Getting down to business

South Lake Tahoe's Anastasia Keriotis turned an artistic predicament into an opportunity

/ July 31, 2023

‘All my creatures come out’

Eunkang Koh on turning prints into soft sculpture, the human-animal divide + how the pandemic changed her artistic practice

/ July 31, 2023

Friday art news roundup

Grant money + Reno studio space + out-of-town opportunities

/ July 28, 2023

Bound for Scotland

A group of UNLV art students is slated to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

/ July 24, 2023

Friday art news roundup

A bike lane mural in Reno + accolades + opportunities + jobs

/ July 21, 2023

From Rwanda to Reno

Pacifique Niyonsenga + his colleagues are in town for an Artown show at Savage Mystic

/ July 19, 2023

‘Learning to be Lost’

Rossitza Todorova's many lenses on the Nevada landscape

/ July 13, 2023

Art In The Park is this weekend in Elko

Meet 3 of the region's artists

/ July 7, 2023

Rethinking land art at the Barrick

'Modern Desert Markings' is a beautiful exercise in how we carry ideas forward and prevent them from stagnating

/ July 5, 2023