About Us

Double Scoop is Nevada’s go-to source for visual arts news, commentary, and events.

Our reporting speaks to the arts industry and the general public alike. We treat arts writing not as an elite endeavor, but as a means for connecting members of the community with the arts and with each other.

We aim to foster understanding and increase cultural literacy by telling the stories of Nevada art and artists, in the voices of both professional journalists and a diverse range of community members. Our contributors have included artists, teens, rural correspondents, urban critics, storytellers from many cultural backgrounds, and visitors from outside of the U.S. looking in at Nevada culture. 

When we say “art,” we don’t just mean gallery and museum shows. These are important parts of Nevada arts, but we also tell stories about arts education, arts funding, artists’ lives and ideas, and the bigger cultural issues that relate to art—including, for example, tourism, urban development, and social justice.

Double Scoop was founded in 2018 to help fill the void left after the major media experienced years worth of cutbacks on arts reporting. In 2019, we won EDAWN’S Art + Business Award. In 2021, our Reno critic Josie Glassberg and our Las Vegas critic Brent Holmes won the Nevada Press Association’s top two awards for arts writing, and out writers have made a strong showing in the competition each year since.

Our programming includes:

Double Scoop’s founder and editor, Kris Vagner, is a seven-time Nevada Press Association award winner, former Arts Editor for the Reno News & Review, and a 2019 graduate of the Masters in Media Innovation program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Double Scoop is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is funded by members, donations, advertisements, and grants.

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