Category: Las Vegas

A broken promise

Transfix, the installation of large-scale festival art on the Las Vegas Strip, closed without notice, leaving artists in a logistical and financial lurch

/ June 5, 2024

At home on the range

The role of Black cowboys in the American West has been heavily downplayed. Brent Holmes is playing it back up.

/ April 26, 2024

‘You can’t think ahead without reckoning with what came before’

Nuwu's current exhibition showcases future-themed artwork by more than a dozen Las Vegas women of color

/ March 7, 2024

What the Fluxus?

A group show curated by Yasmina Chavez follows in the footsteps of the 20th-century movement that (still) pranks our notions of art

/ December 19, 2023

Thrift drones

Joseph DeLappe, a former UNR art professor now in Scotland, collected thrift store art for a series critiquing U.S. military policies. He just released them back into Las Vegas-area thrift stores.

/ November 24, 2023

Better than words

‘Hija/e/o/x(s) de Su—’ at Nuwu Art Gallery shows in pictures and objects what we can learn from the children of immigrants

/ November 14, 2023

No more Native sidekicks

In Theo Tso's comic books, Captain Paiute is always the hero

/ August 15, 2023

Deeply compelling transgressions

Audrey Barcio's feminist abstractions

/ August 8, 2023

Bound for Scotland

A group of UNLV art students is slated to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

/ July 24, 2023

Rethinking land art at the Barrick

'Modern Desert Markings' is a beautiful exercise in how we carry ideas forward and prevent them from stagnating

/ July 5, 2023