The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District re-opened its art galleries on June 4. Here’s a list of current and upcoming exhibitions.

According to an email from Gallery Services Coordinator Darren Johnson, “The LVCCLD’s social distancing guidelines are the same as the state’s regarding wearing masks, keeping a distance of 6 ft., limited building occupancy, etc. The libraries are open normal hours, [10am-8pm Mon-Thurs, 10 am-6pm Fri-Sun].”

Listings and images courtesy of Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. Cover image: “Dancers in Rehearsal,” a painting by Dayo Adelaja.

Lisa Fields Clark, Springtime Fanfare

A collection of contemporary, spring-themed mixed media mosaics created using hand-cut stained glass, ceramic tiles, repurposed jewelry, glass beads, and metal findings adhered to treated wood.

Windmill Library, through July 12

Mark Martin, Desert Transplant

Mark Martin moved to Las Vegas from Detroit in 1975, and fell in love with the mountains and desert. His paintings, drawings, and jewelry reflect his love of nature, and his silversmithing plays off of natural stone patterns.

Enterprise Library, through July 26

Doug Waterfield, Viva Las Vegas

A collection of watercolor paintings featuring vintage Las Vegas signage from the Neon Museum Boneyard. Doug Waterfield, Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska, Kearney, sees the retired, faded, and rusting casino signs as reminders that life (and its pleasures) are temporal.

Spring Valley Library, through July 14

Denise Marie Lamar, Walking with the Infinite

Lamar’s goal is to capture the beauty of light, color, and form on canvas and share her feeling of exhilaration with others. This series of oil paintings is inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda, who came to America from India in 1920 to establish meditation centers and promote the unity among all faiths throughout the world.

Summerlin Library, through Aug. 4

Donita Murphy & Patty Stroupe, What a Wonderful World

Watercolor landscapes, florals, animals, still lifes, and portraits celebrating the beauty of creation.

Clark County Library, through Aug. 9

Las Vegas Crafters Guild: Rescued, Re-Imagined, Repurposed

Guild members display craft works that they have reassembled from past pieces and given new life. The Las Vegas Crafters Guild has been promoting the art of craft in Las Vegas since 2006.

West Las Vegas Library, through Aug. 11

Nevada Clay Guild, Our Favorite Things

Clayworks by guild members, both beginners and pros, made using techniques such as throwing, hand building, sculpting, slip casting, low, medium, high fire, raku, salt, wood firings, and mixed media.

Sahara West Library, through Aug. 29

Shinoid, Ocean of Stories

Shinoid’s paintings are hybrids of gestural/expressionistic movements and biomorphic forms. The artist is trained in biological science and self-taught in art.

Sahara West Library, through Sept. 6

Gail Gilbert, Coming About

Drawings and paintings featuring a cast of whimsical characters from the creative mind of dancer, choreographer, and actress Gail Gilbert.

Centennial Hills Library, through Aug. 25

Desert Companion, 2019 Focus on Nevada Photo Showcase 

This exhibition features photographs by amateur and professional photographers, representing the spirit of Nevada through images of desert landscape and wildlife, signature Las Vegas architecture, and the people who live and work here.

Desert Companion is a Southern Nevada lifestyle magazine produced by Nevada Public Radio.

Laughlin Library, through Sept. 12

Nevada Camera Club, 2020 Annual Electronic Competition

Photos awarded Best in Category in the 2020 Annual Electronic Competition and selected photographs by the Nevada Camera Club Photographer of the Year Michael Braunstein.

Whitney Library, through Sept. 15

Dayo Adelaja, Variations in Forms

Dayo Adelaja specializes in painting works inspired by early cubism with emphasis on the analytical period.

East Las Vegas Library, July 7-Sept. 20

Ross Takahashi, Unnatural Selections

A collection of sculptural work that focuses on elements of an evolving world. Some works dive into humanity’s complicated relationship with nature, while others deal with preservation, industrial philosophies, and organic ecosystems.

Windmill Library, July 14-Sept. 27

Armand Thomas, ETCETERA—Photographs of Repetitive Patterns

This collection combines the exoticism of world street photography with repeating patterns.

Spring Valley Library, July 16-Sept. 29

Sean Russell, Bouquet of Folly

Russell’s photographic transfers of flowers merge nature and technology.

West Charleston Library, July 21-Oct. 4 

Kim Uhlik, Color + Shape

Summerlin Library

August 6-Oct. 20, 2020

Communication in general is greatly enhanced by “keeping it simple.” Uhlik’s “cARTographic style” encodes the artist’s conceptual intentions using primary colors and familiar shapes, thereby allowing patrons to more readily apprehend the paintings, and to construct their own interpretations.

Mikel Conrad, Remembering Our Veterans: One Story at a Time

The “Greatest Generation” of men and women who served this country are passing on, and many of their stories are not being preserved. Mikel Conrad’s goal is to photograph and tell the stories of as many veterans as possible, so we may remember their sacrifice and be inspired by their brave service.

Clark County Library

Aug. 11-Oct. 18

Leekyung Kang, Invented Landscape

Leekyung Kang is an Idaho-based artist whose mixed-media artwork reflects her interest in the framework that makes up the urban landscape.

West Las Vegas Library

Aug. 13-Oct. 25

Las Vegas Polymer Clay Guild, The Art and Function of Polymer Clay

Original handmade pieces created by the members of the Las Vegas Polymer Clay Guild, made primarily with polymer clay.

Centennial Hills Library

Aug. 27-Nov. 1

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