Double Scoop contributors Josie Glassberg and Brent Holmes were awarded the Nevada Press Association’s highest honors for critical writing. Josie won first place in the association’s annual competition, and Brent won second place. Josie and I attended the awards ceremony at The Depot in Reno on Sept. 18.

Josie is a Reno-based artist who also teaches elementary school science and agriculture. Her writing is characterized by a thorough understanding of art history and contemporary issues, and a personal approach to viewing art. She investigates every topic from several angles—considering it as an artist, a philosopher, an activist, and sometimes as a mother. Her work has been instrumental in defining Double Scoop’s politically aware, often-feminist bent.

Josie also writes essays about artists for Capital City Arts Initiative.

Brent is a Las Vegas artist who’s always willing to look his city’s complex relationship between art and spectacle straight in the eye. In the end, he champions art and Southern Nevada artists, passionately and poetically.
Brent is also the proprietor of Mesa Gallery, a contributor to The Believer magazine, and a resident artist at the Nuwu Art, Cultural Arts + Activism Center.

Posted by Kris Vagner

Kris Vagner is Double Scoop’s Editor & Publisher.