Arts for All Nevada

Arts for All Nevada is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Reno, seeking to integrate the exploration of arts and culture into the lives of all, starting with our own community. We offer a variety of quality fine art classes to the public, implement art programs in the school systems, and steward  the historic Lake Mansion responsibly as a community center for exploration of arts and culture. While our emphasis is on those who have a disability, are disadvantaged, at-risk, or underserved by the arts, we recognize that every individual in our community has a role to play in the arts. People of all ages, skill levels, backgrounds, and experience can find their place at Arts for All Nevada, as our classes and programs focus on a variety of different art movements and media including visual art, creative movement, drama, and literary expression. We envision a world unified by the arts, where communities engage, create, and grow together.

Posted by Kris Vagner

Kris Vagner is Double Scoop’s Editor & Publisher.