Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company

124 Taylor St. Reno, NV 89509​775-322-3716 Theatre tradition dictates that there are two phrases which can never be uttered inside the theatre space; two phrases so accursed, blighted, and ghastly their very mention is said to bring catastrophe upon the cast and crew. These phrases are “Good Luck” and “Macbeth”. Good Luck Macbeth Theatre was founded in 2009 at the height of the economic recession in the heart of Reno. Our beloved city was so deeply impacted by financial hardship, we led the nation in home foreclosures, bankruptcies, and unemployment.  Artistic opportunities were as difficult to come by as business loans or stable jobs. This terrible time also provided us with a bright spot in the form of plenty of creative time.  It was then that we decided to create our theatre company; an affordable and accessible space where we could provide a voice, a venue, and an artistic home to playwrights, poets, singers, songwriters, actors and artists. With every disadvantage against us, from the city we were living in, to the amount of money we had (none), to our lack of a space to perform in, we forged ahead, powered by a can-do spirit inherent to all Renoites and plenty of whiskey. We are named “Good Luck Macbeth” not because we don’t believe in the fates, but because we do. We believe that fate will sometimes put up an obstacle just to see if you’re determined enough to get around it, and once you’ve succeeded, you will own your fate and make your luck. Our Mission & Vision VISIONOur vision is a community where the theatrical arts and an integral aspect of life and the life of an artist is integral to the theatre. MISSIONTo bring that vision to reality.  GLM aims to create relevant and impactful works of art that demonstrate the transformative power of theatre and co-create equitable opportunities for artists to express their truest authentic selves, both in and off the stage, in Northern Nevada.

Posted by Davanzomichael