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Originally a brick-and-mortar, white cube, contemporary art space at Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe, the gallery has transformed into a nomadic curatorial project with a virtual online viewing and art collecting platform. Always less traditional, and by nature nimble, Director Frances Melhop has created a roving gallery with an inspired new approach to how we might think about a contemporary art gallery.

Melhop represents 12 artists, while providing support and nurturing their careers, she also introduces experienced and fledgling collectors to fresh, diverse, conceptual, contemporary artwork not normally found in this region. The artists presented are local, national, and international, ranging from Lake Tahoe, Nevada to New York, Seoul, Kumamoto Japan, London and Moscow. Through careful research Melhop curates dynamic guerilla-style pop up exhibitions, while facilitating art installations and studio visits for people to experience art and meet artists in non-intimidating ways.

Mission: to support artists, build community, collaborate with institutions, galleries, and other entities, so artists can realize projects in non-traditional spaces, that are more meaningful and relevant to their work. The benefits of not being restricted to only one space are already clear. Melhop can cast a broader geographical net, without being tied to one place, meaning – more exposure for the artists.


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