Rafael Blanco to begin National Bowling Stadium Mural Project

Following the Reno City Council’s February approval of two new murals on the National Bowling Stadium, Rafael Blanco is slated to begin the project today.

ACity of Reno press release reads, in part, “While the 4th St. wall will focus on the theme of bowling, the entrance wall at University Way will be an identifier and unifier of the city, with a variety of silhouettes representing the diverse growth the city has seen in the last few decades.”

Blanco is a native of Spain who earned his MFA at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2013 and now lives in the Chicago area. He painted the 2020 mural on the side of UNR’s Sierra Hall that faces North Virginia Street, depicting the faces of people of varying races, ethnicities, religions and genders.

Burning Man announces 2023 grantees

On March 10, Burning Man announced the 75 artists and teams that have been selected for honorarium funding for this year’s event. The Burning Man Journal reported that the organization received 610 letters of intent and invited 390 projects to apply. This grantees come from 19 US states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, France, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Spain and Ukraine.

The journal reports the 45 percent of the honorarium’s projects adhere to this year’s theme, “Animalia,” and that “41% have a lead or co-lead who identifies as female or non-binary, an increase of 5% over last year.”

Four honorarium projects are from Nevada:

“Recyclosaurus Renocores (aka R2),” Lynda Traves and Reno Core Project, Reno

“Black Rock City Supper Club, Carlyn Perona King and Black Rock City Supper Club,” Reno

“The Spirit of the Healing Siren,” Turburam Sandagdorj, Reno

“Worth a Thousand Words,” Debbie Lambin, Carson City, NV

Cover image of Rafael Blanco + thumbnail mural image courtesy City of Reno

Burning Man image: “Yuluka” by Camilo Quimbayo Wilches and Homweork/Outline, borrowed from the Burning Man Journal

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