he Generator announced today that it will move to a temporary location in Reno Public Market, a retail complex that’s under development at the former Shopper’s Square in Reno, by Sept. 1. The makerspace, established in Sparks in 2014, has plans to move again to a more permanent location, likely this fall.

While the Sparks location provided 30,000 square feet of workspace to an estimated 150 member artists, the offerings at this location will be scaled back considerably.

Board Member Jerry Snyder said that because the Reno Public Market space is smaller and temporary, it won’t be open to all members. He said that an estimated 4-6 artists—those who’ve been producing artwork at the Generator as their primary sources of income—will work in the space. [Disclosure: Snyder is also this author’s spouse.]

Generator members and volunteers packed up for the move to their new location

Generator members and volunteers packed up for the move last week. Photo: courtesy of The Generator

“It’s just to tide us over,” Snyder added. “Once we’re set up in our permanent space, we’ll be welcoming new members with open arms.”

After a March announcement that the Generator would likely need to vacate the Icehouse Avenue building, the nonprofit began making plans to secure a new location. The details of this plan have not yet been announced. According to a press release issued today by the Abbi Agency, “The Generator is currently preparing for a permanent move. Other developments are currently underway with Reno Public Market developers with creative spaces such as The Generator in mind.”

Reno Public Market is expected to eventually house a different makerspace, run by the founders of the Bay Area’s Firehouse Art Collective and Makers Paradise. The target date range for its opening is late summer 2021.

Posted by Kris Vagner

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