The Rogers Art Loft residency program announced its 2023-2024 roster on Oct. 18. Artists will work in Las Vegas in mediums of video art, sound design, performance art, photography, painting, digital art and more.

The Rogers Art Loft program welcomes national and international artists of all different mediums to participate in the two-to-eight week program, according to director Lance Smith. Out of 100 applicants, eight to 10 artists are chosen.

“It’s most definitely a dance,” Smith said. “We’re just excited about the artists … seeing the things that they’re preparing to do at the residency space.”

Smith said every artist in this program gets paid and will leave with records, solo exhibitions and new work to add to their collection.

“One thing we’re also really proud of is … we’re always very much sure to tap different folks in our community … which is really important,” Smith said. “Our core mission is inclusivity, originality and empowerment of artists.”


Shannon Leah Collis is a multidisciplinary artist aiming to gather audio-visual material from the Lower Colorado River Basin area for her residency project. Collis hopes to examine issues of the West’s water crisis.

Myles Dunigan is an American artist and educator who is pursuing the medium of photogrammetry — making measurements of a landscape through photography. Dunigan wants to document the landscape to produce models and potentially create a series through printmaking, drawing and digital imaging.


Camila Galaz is an artist, writer, researcher and filmmaker from Australia, now based in New York. Galaz intends to create a short, experimental documentary on the connections between European art and architecture on the Vegas Strip and the history of water policy in Nevada.


Benjamin Larose is a Québécois artist based in Chicago who uses performance, photography and video to explore, among other topics, “fashion as identity” and “the queering of pop culture.” @benjaminlarose

Daniel Melo Morales is a first-generation Latinx, multidisciplinary artist and educator. Morales was previously a Rogers Art Loft artist-in-residence in 2020, where he displayed his work “Bodies Affected by Frequencies and Intensities.” During his residency this year, he hopes to gather audio recordings based on Spanish-language sounds spoken in and around Las Vegas.


Steven Pestana is a multidisciplinary artist raised in South Florida. He told Double Scoop in an email that he’s interested in exploring how people “acquire (and distort) knowledge through the body.” @stevenpestana

Leila Tamari is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of This Place Works.

Kelli S. Williams is an animator, community artist and visual artist. In her own work, Williams uses humor, installation, stop-motion animation and photography. During her residency she plans to portray a series based on the experiences of Las Vegas tourists.


Sandra Williams, a multidisciplinary and visual artist has most recently focused on the theme of ecotone — “the area where two communities meet and integrate.”


Cover image: Kelli S. Williams, creator of the This is Tru web series, is one of Rogers Art Loft’s nine residents for the 2023-24 season. 

All photos courtesy Rogers Art Loft. 

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Posted by Jaedyn Young

Jaedyn Young is a double major in journalism and English at the University of Nevada, Reno.