On Dec. 13, the Nevada Arts Council awarded more than $22,000 to 17 artists for projects that will occur between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2020. The Project Grant for Artists is awarded twice a year. To learn more about the application process for artists and arts organizations, visit the NAC’s grants page.

Congratulations to the recent grantees:

Arthur Richmond, Reno

$1,050 to support painting two murals in Fernley and Yerington. The images will be based off the local flora and fauna.

Brian Fox, Carson City

$1,355.36 to bring Uruguayan conductor Gabriel Giró and two of his colleagues to Carson City to rehearse and perform with the Camerata de la Sierra from April 14-19

Dean Burton, Reno

$1,500 to support a solo exhibition of new landscape photographs at Sierra Arts Gallery in Reno from April 29-May 31

Dr. Kathleen Kristy Brooks, Las Vegas

$1,500 to support The Soul of Rock ‘n’ Roll, a new musical exploring the historical origins and influence of gospel, blues, jazz, and rhythm and blues on rock ‘n’ roll. The production premieres Jan. 18-19 at the Clark County Library Theater in Las Vegas.

Eugene Shapiro, Henderson

$1,200 to support “The Music of Stevie Wonder,” a Shapiro Project concert at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center on April 30, in celebration of International Jazz Day.

Martin A. David, Reno

$840 to support an exhibition of drawings at St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City, to open in April

Megan Berner, Reno

$1,200 to support the creation of an artist’s book of over 400 sunrise photographs, taken over the course of seven years. The project includes a hand-bound, hardcover limited edition of 50 books, signed and numbered, and a softcover, trade edition with an initial run of 150.

Megan Berner of Reno plans to publish a book of sunrise photographs.

Michael Forsch, Las Vegas

$1,350 to support the production of The Eternos, a 15-minute action adventure short film that explores the fate of the world through the eyes of our heroine Sophia, the last remnants of the Knights Templar.

Morrain Bauer, Reno

$1,350 to support the creation of an outdoor art installation with the goal of creating a temporary domestic space in a natural environment by incorporating photography, mirrors, cut paper, and drawings

Nathaniel Benjamin, Reno

$1,350 to support an exhibition that consist of an interactive environment consisting of large-scale prints and installations. These prints would continue the artist’s visual theme of combining biology and technology.

Pamela Lappen, Las Vegas

$1,500 to support the creation and initial performances of a dance piece titled “When Parkinsons Knocks on Your Door.” This piece is Phase One of “Meet Parkinsons” a performance art piece that will combine dance, music, visual art, and theater created and inspired by people with Parkinson’s disease.

Rosie Trump, Reno

$1,417.50 to support the production of “First Dance,” a short creative non-fiction dance film in which interviewees of many ages talk about their first memories of dancing

Sean Russell, Las Vegas

$1,476.74 to support a solo exhibition of artwork at the College of Southern Nevada’s North Las Vegas campus Artspace Gallery May 15-July 18

Shannon Dorn, Las Vegas

$1,350 to support post-production and promotion of 702 Unstripped, a subculture documentary with collected footage from the early 2000s until today. 702 Unstripped aims to take audiences through the undiscovered graffiti-filled alleyways, b-boy jams, and hidden hubs of Vegas culture.

Sherry Rosenthal, Las Vegas

$1,350 to support the initial draft, professional editing, and final publication draft of her novel River Horse Gods, set in 1960s Ghana and inspired by a true story

Todd Green, Minden

$1,350 to support the performance, recording and editing of a two-hour concert

Tia Flores, Reno

$1,500 to support an artist’s talk and month-long exhibition, An Artist’s Journey to the Amazon Rainforest, at Sierra Arts Gallery in February. The exhibition will showcase recent pyrographic calabaza sculptures influenced by the artist’s June 2018 and March 2019 trips to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. It will also feature her photographs of the Amazon and some of its remote villages and villagers.

Tia Flores is planning an exhibition and artist’s talk at Sierra Arts in Reno.

Posted by Kris Vagner

Kris Vagner is Double Scoop’s Editor & Publisher.