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“In January, the Carson City Department of Arts & Culture and First Lady Kathy Sisolak announced a new program to showcase the work of Nevada artists at the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City. The program is called “The First Lady Presents …” and Incline Village watercolor painter Ronnie Rector is the first featured artist.

In this episode of the Double Scoop Podcast, Ronnie talks about seeing her work in the mansion and discusses one of her trademark techniques—mixing batik with watercolor—and Mark Salinas, director of Carson City’s Arts & Culture Department, gives a preview on what’s coming up in Carson City arts.

The artwork in the mansion is scheduled to rotate every six months. Here’s how to submit your own work.

A reception for Ronnie is scheduled for 5:30-7 p.m. March 27 at the mansion. See more of her work at exhibitions at the Nevada Artists Association Gallery, Nevada Watercolor Society, and the Artists Co-op Gallery in Reno.


Double Scoop Podcast Episode 10, with Ronnie Rector & Mark Salinas

When Ronnie Rector painted these three Reno motels, she had no idea their days were numbered. But they were demolished in time for her to title the painting “Doomed.” Image courtesy of the artist.


Ronnie Rector’s “Sunday in Carson City.” Image courtesy of the artist.

Gothic architecture is one of Ronnie Rector’s current favorite subjects to paint. This one is titled “Notre Dame II—St Genevieve.” Image courtesy of the artist.

“The Cruz Boys” is one of Ronnie Rector’s recent watercolors. Image courtesy of the artist.




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