A note of disclosure: Sometimes we report on entities that we have personal connections with, but we’ll always be transparent about that. I’ve been involved with the Generator as an artist and volunteer. My spouse Jerry Snyder is on the organization’s board. And the Generator is an underwriter for KWNK, Reno’s community radio station, where the podcast is recorded and broadcast.     —KV 


As a child growing up in New Jersey, Jessi Janusee heard a lot of German and Slavic folktales. Eventually, she became a sculptor and made a life-sized house for Baba Yaga, a half threatening/half benevolent witch figure who appeared in some of those stories.

Jessi’s giant sculpture “Baba Yaga’s House” debuted at Burning Man in 2019 and is now at Fly Ranch outside of Gerlach. Photo: courtesy Jessi Janusee

Jessi is also the communications director for the Generator, the Sparks makerspace. She talks about what’s coming up and how people can get involved.

To visit Baba Yaga’s House at Fly Ranch, outside of Gerlach, you can purchase tickets for the Fly Ranch Nature Tour from Friends of Black Rock High Rock. Info here.

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Listen: Episode 15, Jessi “Sprocket” Janusee



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