Years ago, when Shoshone-Paiute artist Micqaela Jones was a stay-at-home mom with young children, she needed a creative outlet, so she picked up some acrylic paints at Kmart. She took to the medium quickly. Initially, she was reluctant to put her work out in the world, but step-by-step her career has blossomed. Now, she’s a commercially successful painter based in Elko, and last year she got the commission to paint a mural on the water tower that sits on a hill above town, for all to see.

Micqaela talked with Noah Glick about finding inspiration in her grandmother’s stories, learning not to listen to the critics, and how challenging—and satisfying—it can be to make it as a self-taught artist.

Double Scoop Podcast Episode 32—Elko painter Micqaela Jones


A table-sized version of Micqaela’s water tower mural image Photo: Noah Glick

Micqaela’s water tower mural is located near I-80’s Exit 303 in Elko and is visible from the freeway. Her work is also featured in the Nevada Wild Art exhibition at the California Interpretive Center in Elko through April 10. You can see more on her website.

Cover photo: Noah Glick

Additional photos courtesy of Micqaela Jones

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