ome call it progress. Some call it gentrification. In July, developer Jacobs Entertainment installed four new Burning Man sculptures in downtown Reno. Depending on where you’re coming from, these new works might strike you as key parts of Reno’s fresh, new image—or a symbol of the city’s housing crisis. August podcast host Holly Hutchings talked with a tourist, a bus rider, one of the artists—Barry Crawford from Elko—and an affordable housing advocate.



Elko artist Barry Crawford made “Rearing Horse” from assorted metal objects. Photo: Kris Vagner

“Squared” is a 50-foot piece made with cubes that light up and change color at night. San Francisco artist Charles Gadeken originally made it for Coachella. Photo: Kris Vagner

“Bloom” is by Berkeley sculptor Michael Christian, who’s made many pieces for Burning Man and U.S. and Canadian cities. Photo: Kris Vagner

“Desert Guard,” a 12-ton, steel Mongolian warrior built by Lu Ming from Beijing, towers over art consultant Maria Partridge. The sculpture was installed at Burning Man in 2018 and is now on Fourth Street next to the Sands casino’s pool. Photo: Kris Vagner

Posted by Holly Hutchings