When Nathaniel Benjamin was growing up, his mother was studying to be a nurse. He was fascinated with all of the medical illustrations she had in the house—especially with books about physical abnormalities. Today, he’s is a printmaker, muralist, and director of the community printmaking studio Laika Press, and he’s still fascinated with them.

Nathaniel is one of the dozens of artists whose work will be for sale at the Holland Project’s High Desert Craft Fair this weekend, Dec. 4 + 5. You can view and purchase his artwork on his website.

Listen: Episode 16, Nathaniel Benjamin



Photos: Courtesy Nathaniel Benjamin

Laika Press is now located at 136 Vesta St. in Reno. More info here.

This episode of the Double Scoop Podcast received support from the Nevada Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. 

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