“I feel like a lot of museums and galleries talk about diversity, but when I go to these spaces, I don’t really see that representation of someone like me,” said Ruby Barrientos, a Salvadoran artist who lives in Reno. “I wanted to bring art to the people, and what’s a better way than to just bring it to them directly?”

Ruby is the lead organizer of the exhibition “Llegaron Los Guanacxs” at El Rincon restaurant, 668 Greenbrae Dr., Sparks. The show features work by Ruby and three other local Salvadoran artists—Leslie Chiguichon, Jon Gomez, and Jahi Mazariego. The reception is this Saturday, Sept. 24 from 4pm-8pm.

Annaiz Ramirez and Sal Barajas-Alvarez from Savior Studios helped curate the show. You can learn more about their work on Episode 19 of the Double Scoop Podcast.

LISTEN: Double Scoop Podcast Episode 28—Ruby Barrientos

Ruby Barrientos; 2021 file photo by Luka Starmer


Cover image: Jon Gomez, Ruby Barrientos, and Leslie Chiguichon take a break from installing their exhibition at El Rincon restaurant in Sparks Monday evening. Photo: Kris Vagner

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