Justin Favela is a Las Vegas artist whose installation work addresses LatinX identity and racial stereotypes in movies and popular culture. In October, he installed his exhibition, Saludos Amigos—titled after a 1942 Disney film—at the Courthouse Gallery in Carson City.  I interviewed him at KWNK’s studio in Reno, and we talked about some of his new work, his two podcasts—Latinos Who Lunch and The Art People—and how his career has taken off in the last few years. We also talked about how Nevada’s museums (and one innovative East Las Vegas library) are doing in their quests to be more inclusive institutions.

Saludos Amigos is on view at the Courthouse Gallery in Carson City through Jan. 29, 2020. To stay up to date on Favela’s work and events, visit his site and follow him on Instagram. Find his podcasts, Latinos Who Lunch and The Art People on Apple Podcasts.
Double Scoop Podcast, Episode 8: Kris Interviews Justin Favela


Favela spoke to Carson City-area art fans at an October reception.


Favela’s wall installations are abstracted versions of scenes from films—including the 1942 Disney movie Saludos Amigos, in which Donald Duck and Goofy visit Latin America—rendered in cut tissue paper, resembling the surface of a piñata. In this image, Donald Duck is recongizable under the blue shape just left of center.

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