Nancy Good, Las Vegas artist and owner of Core Contemporary gallery, submitted this response to Omega Mart—maximalism soaked in psychedelia by Brent Holmes, which was published on Double Scoop on Sept. 30.


I am very proud to be a part of such an incredible immersive visual and performance art experience. There are plenty of naysayers who opine very limited (and petty) viewpoints with regard to what Meow Wolf / Omega Mart is contributing in terms of art and culture, and whether or not artists have been exploited. I’ve noticed that the loudest voices are those who either weren’t part of its creation or those who have a particular bone to pick, so have their own agenda. Pay them no mind. All artists worked very hard to bring something amazing and beautiful to Las Vegas that people from around the world will enjoy for years to come. To imply otherwise delivers an insult to artists who chose collaboration for a greater good. We also all willingly signed contracts with the organization that spelled out each other’s roles in its creation. We all learned a great deal during the experience. I’m grateful. And have no regrets.

—Nancy Good

Posted by Kris Vagner

Kris Vagner is Double Scoop’s Editor & Publisher.