We’re entering Week 7 of quarantine, so it’s probably time for a new hobby. Nevada art venues and artists have published coloring pages to help us all stay engaged and keep a grip.


From the Holland Project

According to Holland’s Instragram feed, a dog that’s either named Ralph or Mitzi is “enjoying their best life” in these just-released pics. Ralph/Mitzi is a worldly pup, traveling to Egypt’s pyramids, cavorting with blasts from the pop-culture past like Ronald McDonald’s gang and Strawberry Shortcake, and appearing in an iconic art piece or two. 20 downloadable pages here.

From the Nevada Museum of  Art

The Nevada Museum of Art made a DIY version of Ugo Rondinone’s massive “7 Magic Mountains” sculpture in Jean Dry Lake Bed, just south of Las Vegas. Will you fish out your primary, day-glo and silver Crayolas and stay true to the original colors? Or will you reinvent the palette? Here’s the printable image.


From The Nest

Tessa Miller, owner of The Nest boutique, teamed up with artist Emily Reid and graphic designer Anna Critchley to produce some original drawings featuring adorable animals with encouraging messages for weathering the quarantine. The Nest’s online shop offers a printed coloring book for $10, a printable PDF version for $5, sets of postcards to color for $6 or $10, and free individual pages.

From Ruby Barrientos

Reno artist Ruby Barrientos’ kinetic, frenetic line drawings translate perfectly to coloring projects. She released a coloring book in 2017, and this spring she made it available for free download to help get you through the shutdown.

From the Lilley Museum

A handful of paintings and sculptures from the permanent collection are now line drawings you can color. Print from here.

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