Mimi Patrick. Photo courtesy of St. Mary’s Art Center.

Gold Hill artist Mimi Patrick, born in Reno in 1941, died in February. She was the proprietor of the ceramics studio Argenta Earth and Fire Co., board president at St. Mary’s Art Center, and a board member of Member of Virginia City’s Fourth Ward School Museum. She was also a mentor and teacher at The Wedge ceramics studio in Reno.

“People treasured her strength, talent, intelligence, creativity, generosity, and fun-loving, playful nature,” reads a passage from Patrick’s obituary in the Reno Gazette Journal. “She had a quick wit and was famous for her unique comedic commentary and storytelling.”

Eureka art collector Wally Cuchine and St. Mary’s Art Center Director A. Perry shared some photos of Patrick’s artwork to remember her by.

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Posted by Kris Vagner

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  1. Thank you. I miss her too

  2. Mary Lee Fulkerson May 6, 2020 at 2:05 am

    She was a real Nevada woman—witty, fearless, down to earth, and without a clue of her own importance.

  3. Robin E McGregor June 21, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    Mimi was soooo wonderful to me! I opened a shop in Virginia City where the public could see me make pottery, with her blessing. She would come see me often when I opened my school in Carson City and even had me up to Gold Hill to give me a private workshop! What I couldn’t grasp in college came easily to me after that. I think of her every time I center. I miss Mimi, but am grateful of the time she gave me, and of having the honor of being her friend. Xoxo

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