Intro by Kris Vagner
If Ralph Steadman and Lynda Barry hooked up, had a child and raised him to be a fellow cartoonist, they may well have ended up with Onur Tukel. His images are crammed with frenzied feedings, severed limbs, and strange creatures pregnant with other strange creatures, all rendered in cheerful palettes, dipped in a big vat of anxiety, and coated with thick veneers of glib and adorable.

Tukel lives in Brooklyn, and he’s brought a few dozen pieces to Reno’s Potentialist Workshop for an exhibition called Trashlands. Luka Starmer caught up with him to record Double Scoop’s first-ever audio clip and to learn more about why Tukel says things like, “I love America, and I also think it’s a trashy cesspool of a country.”

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Onur Tukel’s Trashlands is up at the Potentialist Workshop through November. The opening reception: 6-8 p.m. Nov. 2, and the closing reception is from 6-9 p.m. Nov. 29.

This article was updated on Nov. 5 to correct a misspelling in the artist’s name. 

Posted by Luka Starmer

Luka moved to Reno from upstate New York in 2015, thinking he'd pass through for long enough to earn an MA in journalism, but Reno culture sunk its claws into him, and he's still here. He works in virtual reality research, makes videos, DJs at parties, and is good at pretty much everything.